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November 27, 2007


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linda woods

It's gonna be a best seller for sure!

Debby Schuh

Congratulations...I'm so happy for you and proud! I can't wait to see the finished book!


Wow...hard work indeed :) But it's all well worth it! WOW! You made more than 120 projects?!!! You are AMAZING! But of course we already knew that :)


Congratulations..........that is the best title ever!! Can't wait to buy mine...maybe an autographed copy????


congrats on the book...i can't daughter is getting married next i may need ideas before it is had the most clever thing i did for my son's wedding...sorry i missed the book...maybe next one...i am so happy for you...blessings, rebecca


WOW!!! That's a great concept for a book!!!! Sounds great!! (And a LOT of work!!!)


WOW!!! That's a great concept for a book!!!! Sounds great!! (And a LOT of work!!!)

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