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November 22, 2007


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Yum! It all looks delicious! I haven't downloaded any of my pictures yet...but you've inspired me to get moving and update the blog too! :)

Wendy Brickman

Wow - does that look yummy. Sorry we couldn't be there to join you all!!!


looks like much yummyness comeing forth from southern ca...wish i were there...blessings, rebecca


Mm.. horseradish mashed potatoes sounds yummy! Glad you all enjoyed yourselves.


It looks yummy, would have loved to try the mashies with horseradish! The kids did great too!


And....your fans miss you my friend! I bet you've been busy, busy, busy! Hugs :)

Gabriela Delworth

Hello Suzi,

I hope you are fine, we saw the fires on TV and they mentioned Beverly Hills...Send a line...

Warm regards,


Mannie Schwartz

Hello, I came across this blog - mostly due to the searching for scrapbooking ideas. The family feast looks fabulous!! I was wondering with all the "stuff" you have time to do raising 2 kids and shopping, dining, and creating scrapbooks; how do you do it all? I do not see that you have a husband that supports you, so I wonder if you can add to your blog, information about single moms, and give some ideas on how to raise kids and make it through the holidays. If you are married, why is it that you do not give any credit or even mention anything about your husband for supporting you in all your endeavors. He must have a really intense job raveling and globetrotting. Thank you for sharing your family photos and ideas on creating family photograph crafts, that you share online. You have given me some really great ideas to me, so that I can share with my family the photographs that we hold dear to our hearts of those famiy members that we have lossed through the years. Thanks for sharing the great scrapbooking ideas!!!!

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