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  • Print Credits: People Magazine, Us Magazine, OK Magazine, Heeb Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Beverly Hills Courier, Beverly Hills Weekly, Somerset Studio, Rubberstampmadness, The Rubber Stamper, Scrapbook Premier, Scrapbook Retailer, Legacy, Memories, Scrapbook Retailer, Rubberstampin’ Retailer, Take Ten, Film & Television Credits: Carol Duvall Show (Features my "Edibly Impressed stamp-able/edible paper,) HGTV: The Windows of Beverly Hills, Legally Blonde Two: Scrapbook (Opening Credits,) Bugsy (Cakes,) Game Show Appearances: Trivia Trap, Trivial Pursuit, Debt, Wheel of Fortune, Sale of the Century, Merv Griffin's Crosswords, Win Ben Stein's Money, Greed, (plus a few more that I can't remember,) Book Projects: Pockets, Pullouts, and Hiding Places by Jenn Mason Design Originals: Bottle Cap Art by Design Originals, Paper Design: Game series for Design Originals, Rubber Stamp Designs: Audmatic



I currently can be found at Hansen's Cakes, decorating, and doing other fun things, teach book binding, altered crafts, and other artsy projects. I have the capacity to be able to draw anything strangely well, along with sculpting and other art skills. From where it springs, who knows.
I am a contributing editor for Scrapbook Retailer Magazine, and the new KidsLAMagazine (winter '07 launch) and write a few blogs here and there.
Lets just say that I have a lot of new surprises in my bag of tricks...keep reading and see my take on life, love, family, food, fun, art, and everything that floats my boat!
Thanks for the good time!